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AI Assisted Labeling Services

Experience our unique mix of automated tools and human annotation. Execute data labeling tasks swiftly. Enjoy precise segmentation and top-tier accuracy.

Type of Annotation Services

Our annotation services provide dynamic solutions to help you analyze, tag, annotate, and categorize a wide range of datasets for Image Annotation.

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Object Detection

AI-assisted labeling helps to speed up the process of labeling images and produce faster results which the model can adapt faster.

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Image Classification

Accurately identify and classify different objects within images.

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Instant Segmentation

AI-Assisted Model develops its knowledge in identifying objects in pictures through continuous machine learning, by analyzing the data provided over time. Also, It has the capability to distinguish various annotation shapes like Polygons and Polylines of the identified objects and identify complex features like masks.

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Semantic Segmentation

AI-Assisted Labeling speeds up categorizing each pixel in an image into a class or object. The goal is to produce a dense pixel-wise segmentation map of an image, where each pixel is assigned to a specific class or object.

Fast Image Annotation with AI-Assisted Data Labeling Service

The “Humans-in-the-loop” approach excels at producing labels for machine learning training data. While manual annotation guarantees high-quality training data – a key determinant of an AI model’s success – the substantial volume of such data necessitates improved efficiency. Here is where AI-assisted labeling steps in, combining automated tools and human intervention to expedite data labeling tasks. This fusion results in quicker and precise segmentation of the desired object within images.

How it Works?

Our annotators leverage AI-powered data labeling utilities to roughly identify the perimeters of notable objects, streamlining the AI's subsequent meticulous object annotation. Following AI-aided annotation, our labelers perform a concluding verification and adjustment to affirm precision. We furnish data labeling provisions that incorporate AI-assisted apparatus and tactics.

Fast & Accurate Labeling.

Efficient data productivity is vital in the age of large training data. AI-assisted tools perform labeling quickly and precisely, making them essential for acquiring the best datasets.

Using AI to Label Data

Using AI to label images is better than doing it manually. AI helps speed up the process of labeling images and produces faster results. By combining the intelligence of AI and humans, AI-assisted labeling can create high-quality training datasets for deep learning and other machine learning models.

AI-Driven Image and Video Labeling

Machine learning helps to label data with the help of both machines and humans. This semi-automatic process can do various types of image annotations such as bounding box, semantic segmentation (3D), and polygon. AI Wakforce can help with all types of image annotation techniques, including AI-assisted video labeling.

AI-Assisted Image Labeling Services

AI Wakforce's data annotation service can help you save time and effort when labeling data. By combining manual labor and AI technology, our service can provide training datasets for Computer Vision models. Our service gives you the option to use your own annotation tools, our tools or third-party tools. This way, you get the flexibility to choose what works best for your specific project. Additionally, with our semi-automatic labeling approach, annotators have more time to check the quality of the data, leading to higher productivity.

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