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Document Processing Service with Annotation for Data Extraction and Verification

This is extracting critical information from documents and processing them with annotated data for machine learning and other business purposes. AI Wakforce document processing services extract helpful information from various documents available in different formats: PDFs, Word Documents, JPEGs, and many more.
AI Wakforce will provide you with advanced document extraction services to enable your business to gain actionable insights from a vast array of documents.

  • Data Extraction from Varied Documents

    Data is extracted from documents with proper identification using the bounding box annotation. Such documents include credit cards, bank statements, invoices, receipts, paystubs, Government issued IDs, passports, customer acquisition forms, mortgage applications, loan applications, and other financial documents. We extract useful information from these types of documents with the best level of accuracy.

Types of Documents Annotated for Extraction:

Financial Document Data Extraction Processing

Extracting vital information from financial documents like bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial statements is crucial and need to be done with the best techniques.
The primary inputs on commercial invoices and business transaction receipts are annotated to make them machine-readable. With a human-in-the-loop approach, AI Wakforce retrieves usable data using accurate data annotation techniques such as bounding box annotation. To satisfy the customers’ needs, we work with quick turnaround times and scalable service.

Extracting Key Inputs from Invoice & Receipts

Commercial invoices and business transaction receipts are annotated to make the key inputs recognizable to machines. AI Wakforce with human-in-the-loop workflow extracts useful information using the right data annotation technique like bounding box annotation. It is working with turnaround time and scalable service to meet the customer’s deadlines and requirements of the businesses.

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