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Healthcare and Biotech Services

Advance Medicine/Biotech AI with our specialized dataset annotation services.

Integrating AI into Healthcare Industry

Welcome to AI Wakforce, where we are pioneering the convergence of AI and healthcare through our advanced medical image annotation services. Our experts are also leading the way in applying this technology to the biotechnology field. We transform complex medical and biological datasets into a simplified, machine learning-friendly format, helping you leverage the potential of AI in healthcare, medicine, and biotechnology.

Medical Image Annotation Services

Semantic Segmentation

Our semantic segmentation service offers precision in every pixel, critical for accurate AI diagnostics, surgical planning, and biotechnological research.

Bounding Box Annotation

We provide bounding box annotations that accurately localize diseases, abnormalities, and relevant biological features in the images.

Polygonal Annotation

Our polygonal annotations are perfect for handling irregular shapes, crucial for precision in AI medical diagnostics and biotechnological investigations.

3D Cuboid Annotation

Our 3D cuboid annotations provide depth to your AI models, which is key for MRI and CT scan analysis.

Landmark Annotation

We accurately annotate critical anatomical structures and biological landmarks, enhancing the AI’s capabilities for in-depth healthcare studies and biotechnological evaluations.

How can AI Wakforce Help with your Healthcare Training Data needs?

AI Wakforce can help to annotate medical data, a crucial step when preparing data for machine learning algorithms. For example, in the case of medical imaging, an AI could be trained to identify and annotate specific features in the image, such as tumors or other abnormalities. This would provide valuable training data for other AI algorithms that are learning to identify these features.

Medical Image Annotation for All Data Types

Medical images such as MRI, CT scans, or X-rays are annotated for machine learning training in healthcare. All types of data sets are supported while annotating, including DICOM and NIFTI formats to ensure the processing as well as the originality of imaging data sets. AI Wakforce offers world-class medical image annotation service for all kinds of data types with the capability and capacity of converting the DICOM into desired formats like NIFTI by medical experts with micro levels of accuracy.

Medical Image Types We Annotate

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Our medical images annotation services offer valuable insights for AI algorithms in the field of medicine and healthcare. By providing precise annotations, we enable AI to detect and classify a wide range of medical conditions.


Photos can also be annotated/classified, these annotations enhance diagnostics, treatment planning, and biotechnological investigations, ultimately improving patient care and advancing medical knowledge.

CT Scan

We annotate CT scans, aiding the detection of diseases like cancer, lung diseases, and internal injuries, facilitating progress in both healthcare and biotechnology.


Our X-Ray annotations are invaluable in enabling AI to identify fractures, infections, and other pathologies.


Our videos annotations service can aid in analyzing dynamic medical imaging sequences, enabling AI algorithms to understand disease progression, treatment efficacy, and surgical planning.


Our specialized ultrasound image annotations play a crucial role in diagnostic processes and biotechnological studies.

Histology Images

With annotated histology images, we help empower AI to study the microscopic structure of tissues, a vital aspect in medical and biotechnological research.


Our expertly annotated MRI images can aid in the identification of brain abnormalities, tumors, and more, enhancing AI diagnostics and biotechnological research.


Our DICOM images annotations assist in identifying brain abnormalities, tumors, and more, enhancing AI diagnostics and biotechnological research.

Medical Annotation Use Cases

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