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Computer Vision Services

Create a winning AI Strategy with the right training data

Computer Vision dataset training for Object Detection in AI & Machine Learning

Computer vision is a technology that enables machines to make sense of the world and understand the different scenarios. Identifying, detecting, and classifying items requires AI models to use big data generated by computer visions.

This data is trained to make AI models more predictable through machine learning. At AI Wakforce, we harness the power of computer vision by producing top-level data that is easy to use when training AI models.

Computer Vision for Object Detection

Object tracking is a computer vision discipline that enables tracking object movements in videos. Object tracking is achieved by utilizing the bounding box technique, which labels the objects (people, animals, vehicles, and others) in frames as they move.

This frame-by-frame bounding box technique helps computer vision-based machines track these objects. However, don’t confuse object recognition and object detection, as the latter labels images rather than objects.

Computer Vision for Object Tracking

Video objects that are in motion are detected through object tracking. In natural surroundings, animals, people, and vehicles represent objects. The bounding box technique aids in tracking videos in moving objects and helps draw the videos frame-by-frame.

Data Annotation Services for Computer Vision

AI Wakforce offers machines with data labelling services that provide endless possibilities for the user. The user cases include object detection and tracking for computer vision. We provide detailed images/audio that are efficient in training your models.

Image annotation solution

AI Wakforce provides fully fledged image labelling services thanks to the wide range of data labelling techniques. We render advanced and intuitive image annotation services for many AI-developed models such as self-driving cars, drones, AI security cameras, and robotics.

Video annotation solution

We provide detailed video datasets that are efficient in tracking objects in motion. Our video tagging services also enhance visual perception for drones, vehicles, and robots. We have AI-powered tools to transform videos into an array of high-quality images for machine learning purposes.

Map annotation solution

We use drones to capture geospatial data that improves the predictability of AI models. We offer map labelling services that enhance how self-driving cars and drones visualize data. With the help of Google Earth, we generate data that is efficient for machine learning purposes in KMZ or KML file formats.

Image Annotation Types & Techniques for Computer Vision


Drawing precise frames on polygon-shaped products to detect the objects and localization of videos or images.

Bounding Box

Drawing precise frames on polygon-shaped products to detect the objects and localization of videos or images.

3D Cuboid

Drawing precise frames on polygon-shaped products to detect the objects and localization of videos or images.


Polyline, line and spline annotation is used to detect the lane and path on roads for self-driven cars.


Sematic segmentation annotation is used to classify, localize, detect and segment single class objects.


Making facial recognition possible with the use of key point landmark annotation for human expressions.

Lidar 3D Point

Precisely drawing the 3D point cloud annotation for LIDARs 3D object to track by 2D mapping.

Other Annotations

Any kind of customized image annotation for varied objects in diverse fields for computer vision.

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