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Our Workflow Methodology

We understand the importance of data enrichment and processing for any company. Hence, we specialize in deploying customized solutions to solve your day-to-day data needs.


With vast experience processing different data types, we know what it takes to generate successful outcomes.

Working for years on proven industry practices and as per a detailed customized plan on data labeling services for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, AI Wakforce works with a detail-oriented approach, keeping no scope for compromises as per client standards and our own well-established standards on data security, labeling, and delivery.

At AI Wakforce, our human-in-the-Loop workforce solutions provide a reliable methodology to cater to your specific data enrichment necessities across various verticals. We have an in-house workforce of 100+ experts who combine their energies to process data efficiently. We offer significant speed, scale & cost benefits to our clients

Simplify Machine Learning and AI Training Data Needs with AI Wakforce

95% of the companies acknowledge that scaling AI will lead to a competitive advantage. The unity of brilliant minds at AI Wakforce takes you a step higher on this ladder of competition. Use our Computer Vision, NLP, Data Processing services to rule over the competition with an impeccable strategy.

Our Impeccable Strategy

As soon as we get a query from our prospectus client, we analyze your project-based requirements vigorously, performing a multi-level analysis by deploying our experts who construct a robust workflow best suited to your project. Along with displaying requirements, deliverables, problem solving approaches, workforce skills, feedback and timeline, our goal remains to fully understand the scope of your project.

This is a crucial step in developing our impeccable strategy. After fully understanding your requirements, we undertake a proof-of-concept. This exercise serves a fourfold purpose. Firstly it helps us iron out any gaps in understanding and cover edge cases/complex scenarios. Secondly it helps us determine the right workflows, benchmarks, human skill sets, QA processes and tooling needed for long term success. Thirdly, we are able do time and effort estimation to develop the right pricing proposal. Lastly you are able evaluate our quality and working methodology and determine if we are the right partner for your data processing needs.

After collecting all the information about the project, we form a customized training module. Depending upon the complexity of the tasks, a week’s or two-day interactive training is conducted which includes group workshops and practice tasks for better understanding. After this, every agent has to qualify the benchmark to be onboard on the project. Undergoing this exercise we ensure only highly trained workers are deployed to confirm long-term success.


Providing full visibility to our clients, we ensure real-time targets and constant quality checks. Simultaneously, we optimize your process by initially focusing on precision, then on proficiency and following by increased throughputs. A dedicated manager mentors the team and remains as a mediator between the client and the trained team. Following the agile methodology, constant updates are taken and incorporated.


AI Wakforce promises to adhere to the SLAs, maintain quality, perform a quick analysis for your business, and create your new success story. We can scale up anytime to meet your business needs. We ensure complete client satisfaction.

Let Your Business Grow As Fast As Your Data

AI Wakforce’s managed services help our global clients develop highly accurate data sets used to build and enhance various cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence applications. We adhere to strict security guidelines and allow you to process confidential data sets with confidence. We don’t crowdsource and certainly don’t work with any freelancers. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, our delivery team is located in Kenya and operates 24×7.

  • Our Difference

    Our mission is to help our customers innovate and scale by solving their day-to-day data needs. Using our skilled on-demand workforce, we partner with Artificial Intelligence, Technology and e-commerce clients to develop high-quality data sets used to build and enhance various cutting-edge business applications. Our flexible working models provide significant speed, accuracy and cost advantages to our clients.

  • Security Net

    Our delivery centers comply with international data security standards of GDPR, CCPA and SOC2 Type 2 certifications. We are committed to process, label or annotate all types of data in a highly secured and encrypted environment delivering to clients a trust along with quality ensuring them that they can develop a feasible solution without any data security breach or privacy risk.

  • Life at AI Wakforce

    We give opportunity to everyone with complete training and education to work with us and enhance their skills, helping them to turn into a capable digital professional. Our all-inclusive approach motivates employees and empowers them in skilling development to underprivileged men and women while providing them a great scope on the technology sector with highly motivated and encouraging options in future.


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