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6 Incredible Ways AI is Changing the World for the Better

5/26/2022 | 6 Min Read

AI, you must have heard it or already seen it by now. As many technology-oriented people would want to call it, artificial intelligence is changing the world.

A few apocalyptic people would want to say it’s taking over the world. But is it really? How? Should we be afraid of the changes the intelligence of machines can spawn? I don’t think so.

Here are six reasons artificial intelligence is changing the world for the better.

1. Cars Without Drivers

You must have seen them or heard of the self-driven cars. Multiple companies from Google, Tesla, and Uber invest heavily in developing self-driven vehicles.

And that has also seen a rise in the companies with an interest in such cars. An absence of vehicles with drivers might cause unemployment scares. But think of the beneficial uses such cars could be put to. For instance, there won’t be a need for people to drive cars into Dangerous situations if the vehicles can drive themselves. These cars can be much more than that.

They could act to lower the instances of road crashes and traffic jams speeding up the commute in and out of a city. This is going to be the next big thing in the technology world. And it is all thanks to AI.

2. Robots for Dangerous and Everyday Tasks

Have you ever imagined a time when humans wouldn’t need to endanger themselves in wars or other dangerous situations?
That could soon be a possibility, thanks to advancements in robotics courtesy of AI. Recently there has been a rise in humanoid robots that can mimic many human mannerisms.

Have a look at the robots in this video from the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon. 

     Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

With time, scientists can make robots that could go to wars instead of humans. There are cases of robots already working in dangerous radiology labs, and all that is thanks to AI.

Though robots can’t think for themselves, artificial intelligence gives them the capacity to reason and be humanlike.

3. Cancer Detection

Cancer has been the source for so long. But with earlier detection, chances of successful treatment are better—step in AI.

Artificial intelligence has been in use in healthcare for a long time. But only recently has it started playing a pivotal role in cancer imaging and screening. Computer vision AI has come in handy in radiographic imaging of cancer cells to diagnose or predict cancer outcomes.

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Besides the plethora of large amounts of health data, AI can help analyze and make sense of it. Such information is then used to make important healthcare decisions.

4. Fighting Poverty and Inequality

Some people would want to argue that artificial intelligence has worsened poverty by taking and threatening to take more jobs. But while that’s true, did you know there are also ways Ai is being used to combating poverty?

AI, in combination with satellite imagery, has been used to detect areas likely to be suffering high poverty levels. The satellite imagery is analyzed together with economic and geospatial data with the help of AI to predict areas facing specific amounts of poverty.

On the inequality front, AI Fairness 360 and Aequitas are some open-source AI programs capable of detecting bias in a hiring process. The latter is the brainchild of the University of Chicago and the former IBM.

With such programs, recruiters can streamline their hiring processes to increase the ratio of female applicants they employ.

5. Fueling Helpful Tech Trends

Nowhere has the full force of Artificial Intelligence been seen as in tech. Ai is powering many helpful tech trends that make our lives easier without us even realizing it. Artificial intelligence is making a big impact in the tech world, from health and fitness apps to financial management tools. Here are just a few examples of how Ai is helping to make our lives simpler:

Health and fitness apps are becoming more popular as people look for ways to improve their well-being. These apps use Ai to provide personalized recommendations and tips based on your health goals. Financial management tools also use Ai to help users save money and make better decisions with their finances.

6. Combatting Climate Change

Climate change as a topic has picked pace over the last few years. It is something more and more people are starting to take notice of. Artificial intelligence can help combat climate change by helping make smarter decisions in resource management.

We can use this technology to help identify areas susceptible to deforestation and track these areas to predict possible occurrences. How do environmentalists track the area they are interested in?

The Google Earth Engine is used to accomplish this and uses AI technology to identify these areas and track them. How does it do this?

This technology can track changes in vegetation over time. It thus becomes easier to track the impact of climate change and plan accordingly.

The Bottom Line

AI is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our lives. It is expected to become even more so in the years to come. This is thanks to the many helpful trends that Ai is fueling.

We don’t have to fear it will replace us in jobs or industries if we prepare better for the future.

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